How to make money when stocks fall. 

Recently, the Dow fell to over 5,000 pts below its 52 week high, the Nasdaq fell to over 6,000 pts below its 52 week high. Yet, using options, we made excellent net profits as Markets fell (see Track Record page*).

Yes, as stocks fall, using options, you can profit if the Market rises or falls.

In many cases that we outline on our Track Record page, we bought a Position one day and sold the next day - occasionally, the same day - so Clients often saw overnight profits and fast turnaround of their money.

Many stocks have fallen 50%, 60% or even 80% or more. Now, many stocks are at, or near, 52 week lows*. That's right. If you bought Facebook at its 52 week high, you'd have lost over $200.00 per share. If you bought Zoom, you'd have lost $300.00 per share, about 75% down. If you'd bought Netflix, you'd be $500.00 per share poorer, almost 75% down. If you bought Shopify at its high, you'd have lost about 80% of your investment too. The list of stocks at or near 52 week lows is long.

Options remain an excellent tool for many investors especially now as Markets fall. 

Remember, options investors can profit if stocks go up or down. We'll be ready for which direction that stocks go. We hope that you'll join us.


To avoid losses and maximize profits, investors should consider options. Options can be very profitable if stocks fall or rise fast. Usually, we do especially well during times like this. We're preparing our Positions now so we hope that you'll join us.

Options investors can profit whether stocks rise or fall. For example, if Markets are bearish, options investors usually do well. Normally, we bank excellent profits in down Markets (see our Track Record page).​ ​​

Auto trade service is available. No extra costs. Available for many non U.S. residents too. After you start a FREE 7 Day Trial, you'll get full details how Auto trade works.

As results vary from day to day, and week to week, it’s important to focus on overall results to see how our Weekly Option Service may help you in the coming months and over the longer term.

Our Clients are in the U.S. and Canada and in 22 other countries. ​We hope that we can work together this coming week, and in the future, on an ongoing basis.

*Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Not all weeks will be profitable.  All prices are before brokerage. ​ Losses do and will occur. Please see Track Record page for complete details.